Wonderful Hidden Shortcut way to Lovina Bali

Now your travelling from Denpasar to Singaraja exactly to Lovina beach can be reach at short time. This situation is coming from the reason of the road from Wanagiri to Lovina had been rebuild. On the condition of the road’there is no traffic jam ‘ If you are want come to Lovina you can use the way passing Git-Git waterfall and this just need 1,5 hours, but this situation can’t be reach by bus or truck in the front of you.

 Wanagiri Buleleng Bali hidden wayThe reopening Selat village way , we can decrease the time used around 40 until 60 minutes. And this will be complete with the coffee shop on the road side.On the top of hill, there are a lot of meat ball shop after we are passed Tamblingan lake, used the left way with sharp bend and we passed Hexon hill and than a few minutes later pass Nerike shop. Around 5 minutes again

There is three junction, turn right and go straight and on second circle way turn left and you will see three junction and next turn left and this will take 30 minutes , you will arrive at junction and turn left. This way not yet use full for local people at Singaraja. Some times you will meet with the foreign people that used motor bike. This way can be pass with a small car like Karimun Estilo , that the fact and we can find and use the other can to pass this way and this way are included with a long upgrade way.

Superb Panorama to Lovina Beach

This way is not suggestion for matic bike with a passenger behind and has a big size such as sumo player. In addition on you pass that way from Wanagiri to Selat village, it’s just need 30 minutes and add 5 minutes again for got the top to going Lovina. And don’t forget use your safe belt and you National standard helmet if you use this way.

source: lokal-zone.com

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