Wonderful Hidden Shortcut way to Lovina Bali

Now your travelling from Denpasar to Singaraja exactly to Lovina beach can be reach at short time. This situation is coming from the reason of the road from Wanagiri to Lovina had been rebuild. On the condition of the road’there is no traffic jam ‘ If you are want come to Lovina you can use the way passing Git-Git waterfall and this just need 1,5 hours, but this situation can’t be reach by bus or truck in the front of you. (more…)

Dodol – Various flavor of Traditional Balinese snack gift

  dodol legit bali         dodol asli buleleng

Dodol is made with coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet. It normally takes up to 9 hours to cook. During the entire cooking process, the dodol must be constantly stirred in a big wok. Pausing in between would cause it to burn, spoiling the taste and aroma. The dodol is completely cooked when it is firm, and does not stick to one’s fingers when touching it. Elongated shape wrapped in dried corn leaves are fragrant aroma. Bali also has an icon of ‘Dodol’ Buleleng that famous enough even among travelers. ‘Dodol’ Buleleng has the characteristic properties area available in addition to wrappers also lies in the raw material of manufacture. (more…)