How the Low Cost Carrier Airlines in Indonesia will be ?

The incident of Indonesian Airlines, Airasia QZ 8501 will be the most surprising moment of Indonesian government especially for Indonesian Airlines Industry. The government will make this momentum to reorganize of flight industry at safety side, one of them is the regulation of the base price of ticket.  The General Director of Transportation is Ignasius Jonan has been signed the regulation of the base price of ticket that which requires airlines to sell tickets at least 40 percent of the upper limit of the current tariff.

Good by Low cost carrier airlines

The hopeful from this wisdom can make all of the airlines company has more responsible at safety side of all their customer. However, these policies also once threatened cheap tickets are usually offered low-cost airlines or low cost carrier (LCC).

The establishment of base price of ticket is not without obstacle, . Therefore, the Business Competition Supervisory Commission rate, the lower limit of the price fixing rates will erode the small airline , but Mr. Jonan was keep this wisdom.

we Just need to wait for the next Information, how the low cost carrier will be ?!

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