5 beauty of Breathtaking Waterfalls in Bali Island

bali nature

Bali is well-know as Paradise Island, because Bali Island is blesses with a magnificent and wonderful nature. Bali has well-preserved natural ecosystem, such as beach, mountain, lakes, rivers, hills, natural hot springs, forest and many more. Based on that blesses Bali become bases nature activities that to be tourism trend in Bali and offers many possibilities to these kinds of activities that will  be unforgettable moment in your holiday ever. Bali nature really suitable for  you who really like adventure and many activities that close to the  nature like rafting, swimming, Canoeing, tracking, hacking, Atv and motocross adventure, diving, cycling, etc.

Bali ancestors really care about the situation of Bali nature. This can be see in all the philosophies that the ancestors made in Bali. One philosophy that really strong in Bali Tourism developing, that is Tri Hita Karana. Philosophy that tell about make a good relations between us (human) to Human, Human with nature and human to the God. This is not just philosophy, but it is warning from our ancestors to us as next generation to keep the all balance and more care about our nature (environment). Now our Earth already come into Global warming categorized that be example of unbalanced of our life and the nature (environment).

Many people doesn’t know that Bali has many waterfalls in entire  the island that must be as one as conservation as asset of Bali’s Nature, because of that I really pleasure  to share reference of  6 Bali’s waterfalls that recommended to visited if you come to Bali as of your participants to save this site from globalization and uncontrolled Tourism development . This Nature will give you differences  sensation of adventure in Bali.

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