Indonesia Independence Day Celebration, 17/8/2014

Bali is one of the best tourist destination in the World. Talking about Bali paradise island, many people around the world do not know Bali island was part of  Indonesia archipelago. Let’s talk deeper about Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, which is crossed by the equator and located between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific Ocean and the India Ocean. Indonesia is the largest Archipelago in this planet which consists of 13,466 islands with population of 260 million people in 2013. Anniversary of the 69th Independence of the Republic of Indonesia has falling down on 17th August 2014. This day not only  a celebration in the form of a flag rising ceremony and a decrease in shades of sheer pleasure as well as a race, but all of this more than that. the meaning of Independence should be infused as a gratitude to continue to maintain the integrity of better nation.

Immediately following the 2104 presidential election which was held last month, it will mean the change of leadership in this country.  It will also mean a succession of leadership desired by most people to be a winner as president and vise president in this election. whoever wins in this elections must have a purpose to support the development of Indonesia  and hope all the system running more advanced and it will prosperous the whole society of Indonesia.

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Competition for Independence day is certainly very eagerly awaited by the children because a lot of gifts and joy inside the games. There are unique games that normally held in Independence Day Celebration of Indonesia such as,  Eat Crackers, Are-ca Nut Climbing, Marbles Race, coin bite, catching eels, sack race, tug of war, Soccer negligee, dancing balloons and so on. lot  of games are present to enliven Independence Day August 17th every years.



    1. Thank you. it is time for people to laugh together with friends and their lovely family. kids are playing around the competition to celebrate the Independence day,

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