Month: July 2014

Bulfest 2014 “Dynamic of Buleleng”

Buleleng Festival is a cultural activity featuring a combination of art, culture, education and social environment that brings Buleleng towards a preservation, creation, innovation and promote Buleleng (Singaraja) to the world. this event also well-known as “Bulfest” is an activity that has become an annual event of Buleleng Government. Bulfest in this year is the second Bulfest  which will be held on August 6 to August 10, 2014 in “Earth of Panji Sakti” Singaraja City. (more…)

New Design of Batur Volcano Museum


Museum is one part of education system to give  another way for student and society to learn about something in specific one.  Bali has a lot of Museum that spread entire the island like Blanco Museum at Ubud, Subak Museum at Tabanan Regency, Museum Kerang (shell) at Kuta, Bajdra Sandi Museum at Denpasar, but there is a museum that located near from Mount Batur as the other side of beauty of Bali. from Kintamani region, you can have lunch while enjoying  the stunning view of Mountain and Lake Batur. Not only that, you also can visit the Batur Volcano Museum to get more knowing about Mount  Batur closely. (more…)

Subak – Balinese Ancestor Heritage

Subak is a Balinese  community irrigation system that well-know in Bali as one as the Balinese ancestor  heritage. Little bit behind the history of Subak, This system and community that known was made ​​by holy priest of Hindu’s that is  ‘Rsi Markandya’ before the year 1071. inscriptions and artifacts indicate that the subak in Bali has been as far as 1,071, or about ten centuries ago. He came to Bali from East Java with 800 communities, and they cut the trees at the forest in Taro village, Gianyar Regency, about 50 km north of Denpasar. And then the group makes irrigated land (paddy) organized by ‘Kesuwakan’ organization, and now it is called and well-known as Subak. Subak system in Bali existence recorded since 1071, or the time it takes 393 years for agricultural systems developed in Bali. (more…)

‘Pelebonan’ – Magnificent Cremation Ceremony of Klungkung kingdom Queen

‘Pelebon’ is Balinese word that means same as  ‘Ngaben’, it is a cremation ceremony. But cremation ceremony that held on sunday ( 29/6) is special cremation ceremony that little bit bigger that usually cremation ceremony that held in Bali. on that Sunday was held cremation ceremony for the wife (consort) or the queen of Mautama, the last king of Klungkung Ida Dewa agung Oka Geg. This ceremony showed how to parade a Padmasari ‘Bade’ or container to the local cemetery that towering up to  35 meters and this is the largest of pelebonan Bali in recent years. (more…)