5 Amazing Waterfalls in Bali

Bali is already known as Paradise Island, because Bali is blessed with a wealth of magnificent and beautiful. Bali has a well-preserved natural ecosystems, such as beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, hills, natural hot springs, forests and much more. With the blessing of Bali is the base of nature that has become the trend of tourism in Bali and offers many possibilities for the types of activities that will be giving out the unforgettable memories in your holiday in Bali. Nature Bali is really suitable for you who really like adventurous and a lot of activities close to nature such as rafting, swimming, Canoeing, tracking, hacking, ATV and motocross adventure, diving, cycling, etc. (more…)

Bulfest 2014 “Dynamic of Buleleng”

Buleleng Festival is a cultural activity featuring a combination of art, culture, education and social environment that brings Buleleng towards a preservation, creation, innovation and promote Buleleng (Singaraja) to the world. this event also well-known as “Bulfest” is an activity that has become an annual event of Buleleng Government. Bulfest in this year is the second Bulfest  which will be held on August 6 to August 10, 2014 in “Earth of Panji Sakti” Singaraja City. (more…)

New Design of Batur Volcano Museum


Museum is one part of education system to give  another way for student and society to learn about something in specific one.  Bali has a lot of Museum that spread entire the island like Blanco Museum at Ubud, Subak Museum at Tabanan Regency, Museum Kerang (shell) at Kuta, Bajdra Sandi Museum at Denpasar, but there is a museum that located near from Mount Batur as the other side of beauty of Bali. from Kintamani region, you can have lunch while enjoying  the stunning view of Mountain and Lake Batur. Not only that, you also can visit the Batur Volcano Museum to get more knowing about Mount  Batur closely. (more…)

Bali sophisticated artistic handcraft Spot

Wood-Carving01Bali is well-known as the center of art and has many maestro of art. Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana (maestro of Dancing) and I Nyoman Gunarsa (Maestro of Painting) is two maestro in their each world. people around the world come to Bali just to see and enjoy the true Balinese art, actually traditional handcrafts. Some people that we call collector of art things really enthusiastic to come, see and shopping to buy some unique thing that has high value of art that cant we understand.Based on that fact Bali always be the first place to shopping thing that related with art like painting, stone engrave, silver accessories, wood statue and etc.
Bali has many sites of art that become the center of art to shopping handmade art to fill the collections. I really  recommended this below shopping spot to buy art gift or art handcraft, where usually you will get good Quality for give or souvenir or traditional food and beverages.


5 beauty of Breathtaking Waterfalls in Bali Island

bali nature

Bali is well-know as Paradise Island, because Bali Island is blesses with a magnificent and wonderful nature. Bali has well-preserved natural ecosystem, such as beach, mountain, lakes, rivers, hills, natural hot springs, forest and many more. Based on that blesses Bali become bases nature activities that to be tourism trend in Bali and offers many possibilities to these kinds of activities that will  be unforgettable moment in your holiday ever. Bali nature really suitable for  you who really like adventure and many activities that close to the  nature like rafting, swimming, Canoeing, tracking, hacking, Atv and motocross adventure, diving, cycling, etc. (more…)