The New Bali Toll Road will be built in 2015

Bali as known the central of tourism in Indonesia must has a thousand plan to handle all of the public problem such as the road at Bali. The vice governor of Bali, Mr. I Ketut Sudikerta promise that he will give the realization of development programs in Buleleng such as the construction program of Denpasar to Singaraja toll road, Buleleng International Airport, Celukan Bawang harbor, Cruise harbor.

TollMr. Sudikerta said the construction of infrastructures in North Bali  is important  thing because if there is an addition at infrastructure section. it’s can be increase the income of local people there and can be develop the tourism section in Buleleng.

” It is now headed to the visibility study, after its done, straight to be beauty contest and raise funds at farm section. Based on the information, this program will be start at 2015 because him reason is he start be the leader since 2013 and the navigate system held one year.

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