Airasia takes emergency landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali

The schedule of AirAsia airlines exactly will arrive at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, but some problem make this airplanes should take an emergency landing at Ngurah rai International Airport Bali. The pilot landed the airplane at Bali because him can’t get good landed at Juanda Audrey Progastama Petriny. The Communications Manager of AirAsia Indonesia, told it’s true that airplane take an emergency landing at Denpasar at 19.00, but all of the passenger finally arrived a Juanda International airport And The airplane get a problem at landing position because the weather at Juanda that is rainy at that time.  (more…)

Penjor | Balinese Culture

Bali has a lot of tradition, start from their way of life until their god ceremony. relating Galungan and Kuningan that already finish, Penjor is a important part in that ceremony. Penjor has two kind there are the ceremony function and the public function. Penjor is a symbolize of feeling of Balinese want say thank you to their god sicerely. Balinese people make a penjor one day before the Galungan day exactly at Tuesday that for a symbolize of the winner of good spirit. It will take on the right side of house gate at each Balinese houses and it made from 10 meters length og bamboo tree with arch of bamboo face to the street and decorate with young coconut leaf. Penjor will be complete with coconut, small shrine, snack, fruits, paddy and many more. (more…)

Celebrate New Year 2015 in Bali Island

How do you Celebrate New year ?

New Years in Bali island

Celebrate New Year in Bali  Island
Part I
Resolution in 2015 New Year

I usually celebrate my new year until this time only  stay at home and celebrated with my family. I don’t want to get out, cause my family said it’s too dangerous for me.  Too crowded on the road nad many people get drunk, they will do anything uncontrolled causes to us. Little bit dangerous for a girl like me,  doesn’t make sense?. So I prefer to celebrate at home and my family  make our own event, like dinner together, drink some soft drink, watching movies and on the mid night we will play the firework and screaming ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015’, that’s it. It looks so simple but full of meaning for me and my family. I enjoyed it so much and you can find the meaning of real families here. (more…)

5 Amazing Waterfalls in Bali

Bali is already known as Paradise Island, because Bali is blessed with a wealth of magnificent and beautiful. Bali has a well-preserved natural ecosystems, such as beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, hills, natural hot springs, forests and much more. With the blessing of Bali is the base of nature that has become the trend of tourism in Bali and offers many possibilities for the types of activities that will be giving out the unforgettable memories in your holiday in Bali. Nature Bali is really suitable for you who really like adventurous and a lot of activities close to nature such as rafting, swimming, Canoeing, tracking, hacking, ATV and motocross adventure, diving, cycling, etc. (more…)

Indonesia Independence Day Celebration, 17/8/2014

Bali is one of the best tourist destination in the World. Talking about Bali paradise island, many people around the world do not know Bali island was part of  Indonesia archipelago. Let’s talk deeper about Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, which is crossed by the equator and located between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific Ocean and the India Ocean. Indonesia is the largest Archipelago in this planet which consists of 13,466 islands with population of 260 million people in 2013. Anniversary of the 69th Independence of the Republic of Indonesia has falling down on 17th August 2014. This day not only  a celebration in the form of a flag rising ceremony and a decrease in shades of sheer pleasure as well as a race, but all of this more than that. the meaning of Independence should be infused as a gratitude to continue to maintain the integrity of better nation. (more…)