Penjor | Balinese Culture

Bali has a lot of tradition, start from their way of life until their god ceremony. relating Galungan and Kuningan that already finish, Penjor is a important part in that ceremony. Penjor has two kind there are the ceremony function and the public function. Penjor is a symbolize of feeling of Balinese want say thank you to their god sicerely. Balinese people make a penjor one day before the Galungan day exactly at Tuesday that for a symbolize of the winner of good spirit. It will take on the right side of house gate at each Balinese houses and it made from 10 meters length og bamboo tree with arch of bamboo face to the street and decorate with young coconut leaf. Penjor will be complete with coconut, small shrine, snack, fruits, paddy and many more.


Balinese people make a penjor with a thousand of decoration and the combination of art and modern, on the one regency of Bali, that is Gianyar, a hundreds of penjor decorate this city at Galungan day along Ngurah rai street from The statue of Ciung Wanara untul Puri Agung Gianyar | the Great Gianyar kingdom.  This contest are held to keep the Balinese tradition and to improve the creativity of gianyar peoples. It’s not just held at Gianyar, Badung town as the tourism city of Bali also held this contest, the contest held by SKBBA | South Kuta Beach Business Association. This contest also held for celebrate the Galungan day and this contest followed by 26 hotels at Bali area. The purpose from this contest are same with the contest held at Gianyar that was for keep the tradition and to improve the creativity of local people.

Penjor1Buda Kliwon Pahang or also called Buda Kliwon Pegat Uwakan is the day which ends the Galungan celebration. it’s called Pegat  in Balinese that means a break, end or a separation, which more clearly means on that holy day Balinese people will finish their Galungan and Kuningan Celebration by burning all the penjor. Some source in Bali, it is also called Pegat Warah, Pegat =BREAK, and Warah = ANGER/EMOTION which lead to the meaning of taking a break from some of our anger and emotion. It is also belief to be the good day for Yogis to do Monabratha or silent meditation.

Those beautiful penjors has been decorating the whole island for the last 1 Month 7 days (In Bali called Abulan Pitung Dina). When all those burnt Penjors will be gone into Agni and Bayuthe god of fire and the air. The smoke will fly over high to the sky, bring the message to the Gods that Galungan has already ended.


source: ( 14/4/2014


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