Celebrate New Year 2015 in Bali Island

How do you Celebrate New year ?

New Years in Bali island

Celebrate New Year in Bali  Island
Part I
Resolution in 2015 New Year

I usually celebrate my new year until this time only  stay at home and celebrated with my family. I don’t want to get out, cause my family said it’s too dangerous for me.  Too crowded on the road nad many people get drunk, they will do anything uncontrolled causes to us. Little bit dangerous for a girl like me,  doesn’t make sense?. So I prefer to celebrate at home and my family  make our own event, like dinner together, drink some soft drink, watching movies and on the mid night we will play the firework and screaming ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015’, that’s it. It looks so simple but full of meaning for me and my family. I enjoyed it so much and you can find the meaning of real families here.

New Year 2015 with champagneNew Year of 2015 has a lot of story for me.  Started 2 days after 2015 when the years is changed, our age is growing mature too and all of people makes their own future for their life, so do I. Talking about my future, October is special month because it’s my graduation day. I will finish my study at Bali  state polytechnic and I already makes some plan to create my dream became true. First I have to study hard to get it, work hard and also pray to my almighty god. Hopefully I can get work overseas, to get high salary  nad better life for my family. I have an optimistic to get a better job in another country. My planning is working not more than 10 years.  After I get enough money, I will make a business for my parents and give them opportunity to manage my business and I will back to overseas and life in another country.

Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

May I call  it  my gal  of my life.  First I will  make my parents proud of me and make them happy to enjoy  their life.  They  deserves to  get happiness after their sacrifice to  me until they can give me a life, good education to make my  life better than them.  In 2015 I promise to work harder than before and develop my mindset and always step ahead with idea and creativity as generation Y.

Go a head and never give up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR……………….. Parties !


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