5 Amazing Waterfalls in Bali

Bali is already known as Paradise Island, because Bali is blessed with a wealth of magnificent and beautiful. Bali has a well-preserved natural ecosystems, such as beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, hills, natural hot springs, forests and much more. With the blessing of Bali is the base of nature that has become the trend of tourism in Bali and offers many possibilities for the types of activities that will be giving out the unforgettable memories in your holiday in Bali. Nature Bali is really suitable for you who really like adventurous and a lot of activities close to nature such as rafting, swimming, Canoeing, tracking, hacking, ATV and motocross adventure, diving, cycling, etc.

Ancestors Bali really care about the situation of the nature of Bali. It can be seen in all the philosophy that ancestors made in Bali. One philosophy that really strong influence the development of the Bali Tourism, it called Tri Hita Karana. Philosophy tells us as human-being how is creating a

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good relationship between us (humans) to human, human to nature and human with The Almighty God. This is not just a philosophy, but a warning of our ancestors to us as the next generation to keep all the balance and more concerned about our nature (the environment). Earth now we’ve categorized into global warming categorized into unbalanced sample of our life and nature (environment).

Many people do not know that Bali has many waterfalls throughout the island which must be one of Bali Nature conservation as an asset, so I was really happy to share references from 6 waterfalls Bali recommended to visit if you come to Bali as well as participants to save this site from globalization and the development of unbridled Tourism. This nature will give different adventure sensation in Bali.


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