Subak – Balinese Ancestor Heritage

Subak is a Balinese  community irrigation system that well-know in Bali as one as the Balinese ancestor  heritage. Little bit behind the history of Subak, This system and community that known was made ​​by holy priest of Hindu’s that is  ‘Rsi Markandya’ before the year 1071. inscriptions and artifacts indicate that the subak in Bali has been as far as 1,071, or about ten centuries ago. He came to Bali from East Java with 800 communities, and they cut the trees at the forest in Taro village, Gianyar Regency, about 50 km north of Denpasar. And then the group makes irrigated land (paddy) organized by ‘Kesuwakan’ organization, and now it is called and well-known as Subak. Subak system in Bali existence recorded since 1071, or the time it takes 393 years for agricultural systems developed in Bali.
Actually, the King’s involved in Subak development suggested or allow farmers to make a dam in the river, in another existence to irrigate dry land. The king’s even give the farmers, some tax free land, in other to stimulate farmers to grow rice in irrigated land.

Since the Dutch (colonialism era) government, the head of subak (called pekaseh) was ordered by the Dutch to collect land tax from farmers (subak members). It is important to note that the specificity of the subak is a ritual activity, as compared to other irrigation systems in Indonesia (the world). Some ceremonies conducted by Subak, derived from soil preparation until harvest time. Based this history we can get some conclusion  that Tri Hita Karana philosophy has been 393 work as a part of our ancestor life. They are try balancing the relation between  human to to the Almighty God, human to human and human to their environment (nature). all the creatures work in one place as a team  ( ex directly )  without break each other.

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Today’s Subak is one part of tourism destination object in Bali. The system indirectly made a awesome view and art in farmer community. many site at Bali offers subak system, but in tourism well-known as Paddy Terrace or Rice field, all that site use Subak  system as based to made a art like that. The system operate by the nature itself, using tensile of the gravity and the characteristic of liquid that always find the lower level place. Our ancestor really know how to use this god creatures to be a part of irrigation system in Bali and make a stunning system that exist until now. We as Balinese hope that tourism can grow and protect this heritage as one as the world heritage and we together and our generation can enjoy the magnificent of ancestor handmade especially in irrigation system.

Beside the tourism perspective, Subak activities can help farmers (subak members) to earn some income during the dry season, because they can plant the appearance of anything that might be planted. That way we can ask that the organization and activities of the subak irrigation water can be used effectively and efficiently. And then can reduce poverty.


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