‘Pelebonan’ – Magnificent Cremation Ceremony of Klungkung kingdom Queen

‘Pelebon’ is Balinese word that means same as  ‘Ngaben’, it is a cremation ceremony. But cremation ceremony that held on sunday ( 29/6) is special cremation ceremony that little bit bigger that usually cremation ceremony that held in Bali. on that Sunday was held cremation ceremony for the wife (consort) or the queen of Mautama, the last king of Klungkung Ida Dewa agung Oka Geg. This ceremony showed how to parade a Padmasari ‘Bade’ or container to the local cemetery that towering up to  35 meters and this is the largest of pelebonan Bali in recent years.

Thousand of people in Klungkung, Bali accompanied the ceremony  ‘Pelebon’. Thousand of residents not only from the local area but also people from outside Klungkung, such as Denpasar, Gianyar and Buleleng ( Singaraja ) to be witness of on the magnificent and rare event that held in Bali.

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The peak procession of this cremation was begin with a ritual performed by carrying the bodies of the royal family and the body was then paraded around the intersection of ‘Catus Pata’ three times which is located not far from Klungkung Palace and historical attractions Kertagosa. Then the body placed on the top of ” Bade” or Meru that has eleven level that high up to 28 meters. at least 350 people carried the ‘bade’ successive weighing about seven tons before the bodies undergo cremation procession in the local cemetery. Family of royal Klungkung used oxen, nagabanda and bade as high as 28 meters, this decision was taken because the consort of Klungkung King is not  ordinary people and Nagabanda is a symbol of dragon statue that only appear on cremation of elder family caste.



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