perang pandan

Majestic Ceremony for the God of War in real Balinese old Village

Majestic Ceremony for the God of War in real Balinese old Village

Pandanus  War ceremony is one of the biggest ceremony called ‘Usabha Smabah’ in Tenganan village as one of the Old Balinese Village (Bali Aga) that still keep the originality of architecture and lifestyle until now, it is located in Karangasem Regency in the eastern of Bali that just takes about 2 hour from the main city in Bali, Denpasar. This war ceremony is well known as ‘Mekare kare’ curry was held in 2 days and is held once a year on the fifth month of the Balinese Calendar, exactly in June. Pandan War Ceremony is symbolize of sincerity of offering performed in honor of Lord Indra (God of war) and also for the ancestors.

perang pandanThis Ceremony will offers the two men usually from Tenganan Village in a duels equipped with tied thorny pandanus shaped like mace in the right hand and completely equipped with shield that made by rattan in the left hand on the stage about 5 x 5 square meters in the front of meeting hall in the village yard while a mediator like the referee standing between two young men  and this ceremony usually begins at 2 pm in which all  citizen using custom clothing of Tenganan (Pagringsingan  woven cloth). This Ceremony is looks like Gladiator in Rome, Italy. Every man (started up teen) in Tenganan Village shall participate in this implementation of Pandan War  by using gloves (kamen), scarves (saput) and headband (udeng), the interesting thing in this ceremony every man did not use short or shirtless.

Before the ceremony of Pandan War, thi ceremony will started with ritual ceremonies to invoke the safety of surrounding villages smile perang pandanthe held the ritual drinking of palm win with a bamboo and drink together. After the first ceremony finish, the Pandan War will begins by the referee of the war sign with raise his hand up and two man will hit the back of the opponent by hugged each other and rub the pandanus leaves on the back of the opponent that in Bali is called ‘Megeret’. That the reason this ceremony also well known as ‘Megeret Pandan’. Another participant will cheer to encourage his frieds on the stage. Gamelan will beat with a fast tempo.

After the ceremony all the scars treated with traditional ingriedients m,ade from turmeric is said as very powerful ingredient to heal wounds. The uniqueness is no sad eyes even cries at the time because the all do it with sincerely and happiness that symbolize of worship to the Lord Indra who was honored with the blood through pandanus war ceremony, performed without resentment, or even with a cheerful smile even if it means hurting the pandanus thorns.



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