Bali Art Festival 2014 – held on June 12 – 13 July

poster pkb 2014 PKB opening

Bali art festival is one of the annual event which is used as a place of creativity and activity to develop creation, preservation of originality art in Bali that usually held every year around June or July after Nyepi day (Silent day) and after Galungan Day that already fall on march for this year. This festival held in Arda Chandra Art Center that lies so strategically in the center of Denpasar city, it just 10 minutes from Bajdra Sandhi Monument and 5 minutes from  Kereneng Night Market.

BAF 2014 o 15 juneBali art Festival 2014 is the XXXVI Bali Art Festival with theme Kertemasa that interpreted as ‘the Dynamics community life the universe agriculture toward prosperity’ was opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on June 13th 2014 around Renon where are Bajdra Sandi Monument and The governor office located and the opening of the festival featuring parade of each representative of the artist attractions from each regency ambassador in Bali.

This festival is a medium and a means to explore and preserve the Balinese PKB openingcultural art and to improve welfare and the government spirit to excavates and  preserves the art and culture include philosophy, noble value and universal, basic concepts, both cultural heritage objects of high historical value, science and art as a representation of civilization and the development of the arts through creation, innovation, cultural adaptation expectations in order to stay alive and steady as majority with big proud.

The Applications of Kertamasa in fact the society is a form of thanksgiving and gratitude to the Almighty God with His creation, the universe and their creatures provide welfare, protection and prosperity for all the Hes creatures in the world.


More Photos:

opening pkb SBY BAF 2014 BAF 15 June opening pkb BAF 2014 BAF 2014


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