Bali sophisticated artistic handcraft Spot

Wood-Carving01Bali is well-known as the center of art and has many maestro of art. Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana (maestro of Dancing) and I Nyoman Gunarsa (Maestro of Painting) is two maestro in their each world. people around the world come to Bali just to see and enjoy the true Balinese art, actually traditional handcrafts. Some people that we call collector of art things really enthusiastic to come, see and shopping to buy some unique thing that has high value of art that cant we understand.Based on that fact Bali always be the first place to shopping thing that related with art like painting, stone engrave, silver accessories, wood statue and etc.
Bali has many sites of art that become the center of art to shopping handmade art to fill the collections. I really  recommended this below shopping spot to buy art gift or art handcraft, where usually you will get good Quality for give or souvenir or traditional food and beverages.

1. Sukawati Art Market – Complete art market to buy Souvenir and art goods.

tb-pasar-seni-sukawati sukawati

Sukawati-marketsukawati art sukawati (1)

2. Celuk – Silver made and stone statue Production

celukc Celuk-Village-Bali celuk silver smith

3. Mas village, Ubud – center of wood carving

 masvillage-01 mas Ubud masvillage-03


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