Magnificent beauty of Menjangan Island – Northwest Bali

Menjangan IslandBali has many unbelievable spot of heaven and Menjangan Island is one part of West Bali National Park is well known as magnificent diving spot and Underwater  world activities . that is 40 minutes by boat from Labuan Lalang depend on sea conditions. roughly 2 km in length by just over half a kilometer in width. menjangan island dive site

Menjangan, an inhabited island about 10 km offshore, offers deep  beautiful coral walls and it is the best site for Snorkeling. This is the  dive site to choose at Menjangan with good conditions and excellent visibility. Menjangan Island has many sites, ranging from sheer drop offs to 60 meters, small caves, sandy slopes and a beautiful blue green lagoon.

During the rainy season is the best time to have chance to see manta and the baby whale-shark and this chance just probably that is not guaranteed  for this. but the bigger fish are norm at Menjangan, turtle, napoleon, grouper, big barracuda and shark are all regular sightings. pulau menjangan baliMenjangan Island also has its own little wreck known as Anchor Wreck that 5 meters of water at the top of the reef. One thing that this island very special, there are a conservation to protect deer on this island. but now in actually, this wonderful underwater sites are suffering from array of negative impacts, such as anchor damage, over-fishing, trash and climate change.

Here is the list of sites that can you considered to visiting in Menjangan Island:

  1. Eel Garden
  2. Anchor Wreck
  3. Coral Garden
  4. Temple point
  5. Bat Cave
  6. Pos II
  7. Cave Point
  8. Pos I

More Photos:


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