Relation between Galungan Ceremony and Penjor

Penglipuran GalunganGalungan ceremony have finished 2 days ago. The date is calculated according to the 210 days of Balinese Calender. talking about Galungan, the History of galungan remains a mystery. But based on Hindu Dharma Parisadha concluded taht the Galungan ceremony has meaning Pawedan Jagat or Otonan Gumi.  Does not mean that the universe was born on that day of Buda kliwon Dungulan (Wednesday) because Galungan Ceremony always on Wednesday. on this day the meaning of Galungan Ceremony is the Balinese people are greatful for the gift and  blesses of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (The Almighty God) which has  everything creatures in this world.

The spirit of deceased relatives who have died and been cremated (especially our ancestors) return to visit our former homes and the current inhabitants have a responsibilities to hospitable through prayer and give some offerings.

There  are an interesting thing every Galungan Ceremony and be the most obvious sign of the celebration in Bali, that is penjor galunganPenjor. Many Penjor glued in front of the house with magnificent color and beautiful meaning inside them. This is meaningful symbol of people worship of Agung Mount and to the almighty God. In Penjor is hung up many kind agricultural product such us rice, paddies, corn, coconut, coconut, leaves and other snacks, as well as clothing item (piece of cloth). It has meaning of the sincerely of the people worship to the got by offerings back what people get from hes bl essing. from this ceremony we can get some conclusion that in welcoming and celebrating the Galungan Day we have to be grateful of hes blesses and built the mental in positive way and be wise to saving cost and be simply to use our money and the last and the most important thing is to please even Hyang Widhi ( The Almighty God grace with sincerity.


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