Safe Bali Conservation Actions build Eco-Tourism Bali

Bali is well-known as an island that has  complete of attraction especially in tourist attraction objects. In the process of developing Bali as a center of tourist destination bases, the government of Bali has decided to use a philosophy of Tri Hita Karana to keep the establishing of this Island, because in Hindu holy book that clearly state  Balinese ancestors note us as a next generation to keep the relation between human and God, Human to human and human to environment (nature). Jalak BaliThis is magnificent philosophy that come up based on the awareness of our ancestors to the nature that every minutes we wreck consciously or unconsciously by all what we doing. Simple example is when we driving a car immedietly we doanted to break the ozone layer of our world and many activities that is not Eco-friendly activities that human doing every second in our life.jatiluwih-rice-terrace

We really proud to our ancestors  that really care about the nature and our next generation, so our next generation can enjoy the magnificent of The Island of paradise also. This is philosophy was made for holy purpose from parents to they children. But many people didn’t know that Bali also has many attraction in conservation term to keep the Tri Hita Karana philosophy works as well as the ancestors hoped.

Here is 8 number of the biggest and recommended  Eco-conservation that Bali has been made until this time:



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