Balinese Magnificent Wali Dance Philosophy

Now I would like to share a information about one of thousand magnificent in Bali Island. That is Balinese Dance. I think every people who have been visited Bali know about some of Balinese Dances. Sanghyang jaran dacnceI don’t know how many exactly the number of Balinese Dance in total. Balinese Dance not always according a story, but the main purpose of Balinese Dance is to to show the philosophy of the Dance fully with expression, because of that some people said that Balinese Dance has a unique way to transfer the meaning of the Dance.  from many references that I read Balinese Dance   categorizes to be 3 main group that is Wali dance, Bebali Dance and Balihan-Balihan Dance that each of the group categorizes  has differences philosophy inside the dance.

The beauty and meaningful religious of Balinese dance movement appear on the abstract and the magnificent willing of the Dancer. Bali is well-known among other pendet, gabor, Sanghyang and Legong. Bebali and Wali Dances can be danced in a particular place and time. Wali Dance is a sacred dance performed in the inner courtyard temple that is an symbolized of offering only for the Holy God. Dance that include in this group such as:

  1. Rejang Dewa
  2. Legong Keraton
  3. Pendet
  4. Sanghyang Dedari
  5. Barong
  6. Sanghyang Jaran

I would like to share information about the above list of Wali Dance in the next post. See yaa…


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