Main Idea of the Government to Developing Tourism in Western Bali

buleleng Sembiran  Bali is an island that has many kind of tourist attraction entire the island. Nowadays, development of Bali tourism focus in the South of Bali that day a day run out of space to developing good tourist attraction. Bali will be Good tourist attraction if Bali can develop all tourist attractions entire the island to spread the revenue of the tourism activities it is. North of Bali has many potential tourist attractions that have uniqueness itself and because of that Buleleng regency government will develop tourism in the western region cause it has a lot of untapped potential optimally tourist attraction. Tourism that potential in the region west Buleleng has a lot of option, especially along the coast or beach with its black sands, pristine coral reef entire along the beach and many tremendous of potential social culture and nature.

buleleng SembiranThe western part of Buleleng (Singaraja) coastal area more promising than the eastern part. Almost area of Buleleng regency unspoiled from the development. While the coastal area eastern of Singaraja has been used as a building site, make the government hard to make this area become tourist destination.

Menjangan Island also has tremendous potential to be developed as one as central of Diving in the west of Bali with breathtaking coral reef that is no less attractive that other underwater panorama in Bali. Menjangan island is situated approximately 50 kilometers from Singaraja City and takes about 30 minutes from Grokgak district. This Island is very natural untouched by the industry activities in Singaraja.

Buleleng (Singaraja) Regency also prepared a variety of steps to develop the tourist attraction by prepare support infrastructure and human resources (HR) as a reliable support sector and for the development north of Bali still need the involvement of the private buleleng Sembiraninvestor and develop the area that can directly improve the community’s economy to develop North of Bali with its own character to create a comfortable atmosphere for the settlers and the local community.

arsitektur desa julahBeside that Buleleng (Singaraja) government have a plan to optimally develop the old villages cause the tourism potential also exist in the north of Bali that seems to have not been seriously explored. The data in the field mentioned the potential of the old village in the Tejakula district are in the Sembiran, Julah and Pacung Village. While the old village is also well known in the Banjar district include the village of Sidatapa, Cempaga, Tigawasa and Pedawa. The government has not been optimal, especially for preservation by the resident are also still lacking as influenced modern times is actually an old house demolished and replaced with contemporary home design. However, to maintain not to all the old houses were demolished, the government has built some sample of the older houses in the village of Julah and Sembiran.


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