Information about Bali island

bali mapBali island is one of the most beautiful island in the world. Many people around the world come to Bali every years to enjoy the most sophisticated island. Since 1920 Bali as know as Bali island of God and this island of paradise was blessed by wonderful nature and culture to complete there are unique social life
style that can’t be find entire the world else. I’m sure that if you come to Bali and want to trips  around Bali, I suggest you to prepare more than 2 days, because 2 days is not enough time to trips in all part of Bali. Bali is well-known as one tourism base in Indonesia and may be the world. Many of Celebrities from all over the world have had visited this Island of  Thousand Temple.

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali and most of the tourism activities is around Denpasar, exactly in the south of Bali. Bali has superb Nature interest object like beach, Mountain, Limestone, Waterfall, Dive spot, Fishing Reef of Les Villagespot and many back to nature and adventure activities here. Many tourist that I have met in some tourist destination like Kuta beach, Pandawa beach, Lovina beach and others said that they don’t know that Bali is a part of Indonesia Archipelago. Bali is an island that situated between Java Island in the west and Lombok Island in the East. The South part of Bali is facing the Indian Ocean and The Northern Bali is Indonesian Ocean that if we go through the Ocean to the North, you will find Kalimantan Island that the Biggest Island in Indonesia.

melasti Les VillageBeside The nature, Bali  as Thousand Temple Island has many unique tradition and sophisticated social society life like Melasti, Ngaben (cremation), special ceremonies in all over the island that has a differences. But now a days, Bali become a island that has many of Tourist objects and Nightlife that is one of influence of culture acculturation that have been made since 1920. Bali become mass tourism object and this is will make Bali as same as Hawaii that people don’t know there are unique of native people of Hawaii in there and Hawaii become an island that lost their own people in their home,  this experiences made the Bali government and stakeholder try to take an action how to keep the uniqueness culture and the religious   melasti Les Village
social life of Bali and keep the natural nature and environment of Bali by use a philosophy of Tri Hita Karana to keep a good relation between human and God, Human and Human, Human and environment to keep the stabilize of Bali.


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